Top 3 Methods to Jailbreak iPhone 6, 6S, 6+ and 6S+

A reader recently reached out, asking how to jailbreak the iPhone 6. I’m here to answer that question today! I’ve gone through your dilemma before dear reader, browsing the web for hours trying to find good jailbreaking tools before settling on my favorite choices. Today I’ll be sharing my experience here so you don’t have to go to the same trouble.

Here’s a useful tip: if you want to jailbreak an iPhone 6 by yourself, you should recognize that it’s risky. When my aunt tried it out on her own, she found out what bricking is, and regretted it. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, “bricking” is when you completely ruin your iPhone, and effectively make it into a useless paperweight. My aunt ended up losing her photos, text messages, and everything else! Fortunately, they were backed up to the cloud, but don’t get into that scary situation. Jailbreaking your iPhone without help is probably not a good idea.

In this list, I’ll outline programs for those looking to jailbreak an iPhone 6/6s/6+/6s+. These tools can usually get the job done within minutes, and spare you the long wait that comes with going it alone. In addition to being quicker than a manual jailbreak, these tools come with technical support in case something goes wrong. Whenever I do something with my phone, I like knowing there’s someone I can go to when I mess something up. Let’s get right into it. Here are the best tools for jailbreaking an iPhone 6 (from best, to worst):

1. iJailbreak Pro (My Ranking: 99/100)

I came across iJailbreak Pro not long ago, and it’s quickly become my favorite jailbreaking tool for the iPhone 6. I’ve mainly used it for friends who needed help with iPads, or newer iPhones, but it will also work on older iDevices in case you need that at some point. This jailbreak usually works within 4 minutes, which is incredibly zippy. Waiting around is the worst part of doing a jailbreak, so being able to get it done as fast as it takes to make a cup of coffee already bumps this tool to the top of my list.

A huge boost is that this tool will not only perform a jailbreak, but also an unlock, and this is a feature you just don’t find in other jailbreaking tools. I’ll briefly explain the differences between jailbreaks and unlocks in case you don’t know. While jailbreaking gives you access to unofficial apps and mods, and other free functionality that you normally have to pay for unlocking is different.

Unlocking enables you to use a different service carrier than whatever you signed up for when you bought your iPhone. So if you’re locked to AT&T, you can switch to Verizon without buying a new iPhone, and vice versa. This means you aren’t forced to play by the rules imposed on you by carriers, and obey all their crazy restrictions. A lot of people don’t even know unlocking is possible, but it is! While you usually have to pay for it, iJailbreak Pro does it as a free addition to their jailbreak tool. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

Before I realized any of this, I was pretty happy about the 1 month warranty that comes with the service, in addition to lifetime access. All of this means you’ll be able to use the tool again if a new version of iOS is released, and in case it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back immediately. These are all big advantages over the rest of the tools on my list.

I think I mentioned earlier that the iJailbreak Pro team has great customer service. I decided to get in touch to see how responsive they were, and received a reply in less than three hours. If you’ve never jailbroken before, trust me: this is so, so much better than braving it on your own, pouring through Quora for help when something goes wrong.

There’s a price difference here, to be sure, but it’s only about five bucks more than the competitors, and that’s absolutely justified when you compare services. From my experience testing these different tools out, let’s just say I don’t miss a fivver when native English speakers are answering my emails…

Conclusion: This is fantastic software that’s fairly priced, works quickly, and has a really helpful support team that communicates in native English. I’m giving iJailbreak Pro 99/100 (I’d give it 100 if it were totally free!)

2. Jailbreak Unlock (My Ranking: 75/100)

This service is definitely alright. Before discovering iJailbreak Pro, this was my go-to option for jailbreaking iPhones and iPads. They still manage to do the job, but they aren’t at the top of my recommendation list anymore.

I think I mentioned earlier how quick iJailbreak Pro is. That’s still the peanut butter and jelly of the issue for me. For some reason, Jailbreak Unlock still takes up to fifteen minutes to jailbreak an iPhone every single time a new version of iOS is released. I used to just grin and bear it, but it just isn’t worth it to me anymore since there are faster options.

Another thing: these guys don’t have awesome customer support. There’s no number, in the first place, and they don’t respond to emails very quickly. I’ve waited a day before, and trust me, that’s extremely irritating when you have an issue and don’t want to wait around.

All that being said: Jailbreak Unlock still works in case you can’t use a better option, so there’s no harm if you don’t mind mediocre support or waiting around. I give these old friends 75/100. Visit their website here.

3. iJailbreak Tool (My Ranking 50/100) LATEST UPDATE: This tool went out of business, so never mind.

Okay, this service….works? Sort of. That’s actually the highest praise I can give it. You’ll probably find this around if you’re looking for a jailbreak service, so I thought I had to include it on the list. I used this tool back when I still owned an iPhone 4, but I quickly moved along to better pastures. If absolutely nothing else will work, this would be okay as a final option. It does exactly what it should, even if it’s weird and complicated. The biggest disadvantage with this service is that you don’t get quick updates when new versions of iOS are released.

Seriously, just forget customer service. I would just buy a new iPhone before calling the customer support line, which patches you overseas to non-native English speakers. It’s not a toll-free number either, so you’ll get ridiculous international charges. Forget that. Not having a native customer support option, or at least a free one is just ridiculous as far as I’m concerned (I’ll stop ranting, I’m sorry!)

Yeah, I’ll just give them 50/100. That seems fair.


All the tools listed above will jailbreak an iPhone 6, 6S, 6+ or 6S+. Phew. That being said, the best option is definitely iJailbreak Pro. While other services will get the job done, they definitely come with disadvantages. So if you decide to give jailbreaking a shot, hopefully my experiences will come in handy for helping you to make a good choice.

I’d definitely encourage you to do it, and do it soon. Give it to the man, and show Apple who really owns your phone. Don’t let carriers and corporations push you around. Liberate your iPhone, and enjoy being free!

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