The Best 3 Ways Jailbreak iPhone 7, 7S, 7+ and 7S+

Some readers recently got in touch asking how to jailbreak the iPhone 7, and I’m glad to help! I’ve had to do this before, sifting through the Internet for information on good jailbreaking programs before I finally found the best. Today, I’ll be sharing the top apps I’ve found in my search.

On a related note: if you’ve thought about jailbreaking your iPhone 7 by yourself, you should recognize that this can be dangerous. My aunt tried it once, and had to find out for herself what bricking entails. If you don’t know what that term means, “bricking” is when your iPhone becomes a completely dead paperweight. After an unsuccessful jailbreak attempt, my aunt lost all her programs, contacts and photos. Thankfully she had a backup (and you should too!), but hopefully she’ll come here first in the future.

The services I’m listing below can jailbreak an iPhone 7/7s/7+/7s+ in only a few minutes, and that’s a big advantage over doing it by yourself; a good jailbreaking service cuts down the time by hours. All it takes is a few steps, and you’ll have expert support in case you need it. I always like to have someone who can help me out if I mess something up, or make a wrong move. With that said, let’s not waste any more time – here is my list of the top three jailbreaking services (ranked from best to worst):

1. iJailbreak Pro (My ranking: 99 / 100)

I came across this service a little while ago, and it is now my favorite by a long shot. I’ve mainly used iJailbreak Pro for family and friends who own iDevices including iPads, and an iPhone 7. It also works for older iDevices, such as the iPhone 5, 5s, iPad 3, etc. in case you need that extra functionality. The jailbreak process only takes about four minutes, which is extremely fast compared to most services. I’m a busy guy, so being able to jailbreak my iPhone over breakfast is extremely convenient, especially when it takes other services three times as long.

An awesome feature of this service is unlocking, which is thrown in for free.

I’ll briefly explain the differences between unlocking and jailbreaking. Since you’re here, it’s safe to assume you know what jailbreaking is for. It gives you access to thousands of applications and mods that aren’t available to your phone through Apple’s default store. It also allows you to access and download free media more easily, and allows you to use file formats that iDevices usually can’t play.

But jailbreaking is not the same thing as unlocking. When you unlock your phone, you are able to use it on a different service provider than whatever you signed up for at the store. So if you purchased an AT&T iPhone, unlocking it means you could switch to T-Mobile, or vice versa, without any costs. This frees you up to do whatever you want with your phone, without being limited by the constraints of a carrier.  A lot of people simply don’t realize they have a choice, but now you do! And while you usually have to pay a small fee to get an unlock, iJailbreak Pro includes unlocks with their jailbreaking solution. That’s pretty sweet.

In case you have issues trusting someone with your iPhone (believe me, I understand), this service offers a 1-month warranty, so you can get your money back in case it doesn’t work out. This is honestly why I tried them out to begin with, and I’ll never regret it. Since membership is permanent, I get to jailbreak my iPhone every time an iOS update is released.

I should go over one final feature: the iJailbreak Pro team has fantastic customer support. I sent them a few emails to try it out, and got detailed responses back very quickly (same-day). Moreover, it seems they employ native English speakers, which makes it well worth the additional cost. The ability to reach out to someone knowledgeable in case of an emergency is definitely worth an extra 5 bucks.

Summary: iJailbreak Pro is an awesome service that’s quick, and boasts fantastic tech support. I’m giving them 99/100, and I’ll make that 100/100 if it ever becomes free.

2. Jailbreak Unlock (My ranking: 75/100)

Jailbreak Unlock is an okay service, and was once my first choice before I stumbled upon iJailbreak Pro. These guys do what they’re supposed to, but they’re no longer the best.

Nowadays my main issue with this service is how long it often takes to get a jailbreak done. Occasionally, I’ve had to wait fifteen minutes before my device was finished, and for me that’s pretty inconvenient. Customer service isn’t great either. While you’ll get your emails back, it usually isn’t same day, and there’s no phone support either, so you can’t talk with a live person. Like I said before, customer support is a pretty big deal to me, so this service is workable, but I would not take them over iJailbreak Pro unless it went offline.

Summary: Decent service; gets the job done. I give them 75/100. Here’s a link to the website.

3. iJailbreak Tool  (My Ranking 49/100) – UPDATE: It appears this service is no longer available.

This service…works? There’s not much else that I can say for it. I haven’t been using them since the iPhone 3 was released because I quickly discovered better options and moved along. If nothing else was working, I’d turn to this service, because it will get the job done in the end. That being said, the tool is weird and hard to use, and the instructions just aren’t very intuitive.

It also takes this service a while to update for the latest version of iOS, which is a big disadvantage. They still get a spot on this list because if worst comes to worst, they will be able to jailbreak your iPhone, and that’s what matters most.

What really brings down the score is customer support. The only way to contact support is through an international call. There’s no 1800 option, and I’ve never given it a shot because I don’t want to pay any fees. For me, any decent online service needs to have viable customer support in the country where it is sold. Anything else is unacceptable (Okay, I promise I’m finished ranting!)

Yeah, I’m giving them a 49/100.


Okay, quick refresher. Every tool listed above will jailbreak your iPhone 7/7s/7+/7s+. But they’re definitely not the same. In my opinion, iJailbreak Pro is hands down the best. The rest will get the job done, but have some disadvantages, so take that into consideration when deciding between them. Hopefully this has been helpful.

So what are you waiting for? Get your iPhone jailbroken, and escape the totalitarian bonds of Apple/cell phone carriers. Find out what freedom means, and enjoy doing what you want with your iPhone!

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