About Us


About Us


Welcome to How To Jailbreak Iphone 5s – The Leading Authority on iPhone 5 jailbreaking technology.

Our mission is to guide, help, educate, and direct you to the simple way to gain complete freedom and control over your iPhone 5.

After all, you purchased your iPhone 5, you own it, why shouldn’t you have the ability to do what you want with it?

This site was originally set up in an effort to combat the restrictive and rigid structures put in place by Apple. Since then, it’s grown to bring you all the latest insights and tools you need to not only break free from Apple’s control, but to also find cool, fun, and interesting things to do with your new found free.

Over the next few weeks, soem great new articles will be added to the site that cover all the great new innovations that are possible once you jailbreak your iPhone 5 so make sure you continue to come back to HowToJailbreakiPhone5.com and check out all the latest innovations.

See you around!



The How To Jailbreak iPhone 5s team.

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