iOS 7: The Catch-Up Game Continues

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wk15-1Apple recently announced a date for a very special event, September 10. Although there has been no specifics as to whether the latest iPhones – the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C – and the latest mobile operating system iOS 7 will be released on the said affair, still, many have been waiting for this momentous occasion including iPhone fanatics, programmers and hackers, and of course, Apple.

Since the release of Apple devices, there has been this special catch-up game where programmers and hackers try and so far has successfully jailbroken the operating system of idevices.

As previously announced by Apple, the latest iOS 7 is set to be released this September. This will undoubtedly become a feast for jailbreakers. Although there has been quite a few who already claimed to have jailbroken the latest operating system, it has yet to be tested on the new iPhone and for future iDevices.

Surely, this will be another milestone for jailbreakers, and the continuation of fun and enjoyment for iPhone users, at least for now. Remember that the U.S. Copyright Office has recently concluded that jailbreaking still has legal basis for iPhones and will continue to have this exemption until 2015, when a new application needs to be filed, else it will expire.

How are hackers able to come up with a new jailbreak tool? Thanks to the beta versions released by Apple, which has currently on its sixth release so far. Apple’s reason of releasing these beta versions is to uncover bugs and its fixes and to ensure a successful launch. On the other hand, hackers made this their nesting, hatching and testing ground for jailbreaking the new iOS, which could lead to a fast and successful jailbreak tool.

Meanwhile, Apple seems to be just letting the river waters flow, testing the iOS’ capacity and security capability which might prove to be a trap for jailbreakers.

There has been no clear indication as to the iPhones models and other Apple devices to be supported by the latest iOS. Reports from Apple insiders said that the manufacture of iPhone 5 will soon stop although iPhone 4S will continue. This just proves some Apple observer’s point that iPhone 4S is a runaway favorite compared to iPhone 5 which is why many still continues to support and purchase this product. However, there are strong reports that only few new functions of iOS 7 is compatible with iPhone 4S. If indeed reports are true, a new booby trap is soon to be exposed in the open.

Clearly, Apple has the initial upper hand mainly because they produce the needed hardware and software. And Apple remains to have the last say in terms of decision on what’s in and what’s not, which means all possibilities remain within their grasp. But then, there’s no question that hackers can match the hype and can quickly move to make the playing field even, just like what have been done before.

It has been a constant battle between the manufacturer who tries to make a monopoly and those that declares war to the monopolists. Who will prove to be the winner? We’ll soon find out.

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