Jailbreak for iPhone 5S is All Set

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wk16-1September 11th was a historic event for Apple when it unveiled two iPhones as this was the first time ever that they have released two devices of the same mold, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. And it does not stop there – they also introduced the long awaited new operating system called iOS 7 that will replace the old, dysfunctional, and bug full iOS 6.

From the time they announced the new iOS which will become part of the two new iPhones, Apple also released beta versions for developers. This proved to be a critical move. This gave a window of opportunity for programmers and hackers to develop a jailbreak tool for the new iOS.

Weeks before the launch of the new Apple products, jailbreak programmers and hackers announced that they have already created a new jailbreak tool that has a capability not only to hack into the new iOS, but also for previous iOS versions. They said that they will be releasing the new jailbreak tool once the new iPhones becomes available in the market. September 13th marked the start of pre-order for iPhone 5C while it will be a week after for iPhone 5S.

Apple boasted that App Store is not only made of thousands of apps, it now has hundreds of thousands of apps available for download. Compared that to the open-market Cydia that offers millions of apps to iPhone users, many tests the waters Apple has not even think of. Proof of this are the many new apps Apple claimed to innovate, introduce and integrate on the new iOS and iPhones, when in truth, it has been in the Cydia market for quite a long while now.

They claimed to have added new categories and filters in App Store to make searches for needed apps become even more user-friendly, when in fact, they didn’t. This just proves that there are lots of opportunities for enhancements, which Apple releases batch by batch. Or Apple simply doesn’t know that it is possible to make or do, and needs to see first from a jailbroken iPhone to verify whether or not it is applicable.

Some also consider the possibility that Apple is doing this piece by piece upgrade to create an atmosphere of suspense, excitement and enthusiasm. And so, when it’s their turn to make announcements for upcoming devices, just like what happened during the last event, it will make a big buzz. That’s a very good, well-drawn marketing strategy indeed.

But not all will fall for the same trap all the time. People are now smarter than what they thought. This is why hackers and programmers join hands in creating a more user-friendly environment for iPhone users, especially now that the new iPhone 5S will soon to be released. A very powerful and advanced technology that will be put to waste if not maximized to its full capability.

As the group of hackers once proclaimed, while Apple still has not resolved and has made available all the functionalities that iPhones and other Apple devices are capable of doing, jailbreaking will still continue to knock at their doorsteps.

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