New Slow Motion Video Feature for iPhone 5S

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jailbreak5-wk8With the launching of the new iPhone device comes nearer, leaks on latest hardware and software leads on reviewer’s note that this will be the most competitive, low cost iPhone ever to be released. With leaked images of the new iPhone, indicating that the name will iPhone 5S, sources mentioned that this will also come with a much stronger processor and highly enhanced camera structure. Previous iPhone device releases shows that Apple is trying to revolutionize the camera and video section.

With iPhone 3GS, Apple introduced face detection and a much advanced video recording. The iPhone 4 saw the 720P video recording on Smartphones while the iPhone 4S was incorporated with a very advanced optic system and a 1080P recording. The iPhone 5 unveiled the Panorama tool for widescreen shots.

Since Apple invested on making iPhones an all-around device, the path leads to being a shoo-in for a photography device as well. Apple seems to be working on one of the latest breakthroughs in video creation for the upcoming iPhone 5S. Releases about upgrades on both hardware and software show that Apple has vastly improved its own version of camera, constantly making enhancements and adding new features. With the latest trend, many sources believe that Apple’s focus on their upcoming iPhone 5 is all about Imaging.

With Apple expected to present its new iPhone likely by September, sources mentioned that the new camera feature, known as the ‘Mogul’ mode is not compatible with the iPhone 5. This strongly suggests that the latest feature could only work on an improved internal hardware with much faster processor and also a better camera. And this means that it will more likely be compatible on the latest, but still under developmental stage device, the iPhone 5S.

The Mogul mode feature which shows up in the iOS 7 beta version claims to enable iPhone to capture clear and precise videos. Based on the test of the supposed code, the Mogul feature allows iPhone to capture video at an extremely fast rate at a speed of more or less 120 frames-per-second.

With the latest video capturing feature for the upcoming iPhone 5S device, this will allow users to create slow motion videos and/or films. By capturing the film on a very fast rate and then play it on a normal speed rate for movies, it will create a slow motion effect. With an estimated 120 FPS speed, it is supposed to be at par with the current slow motion feature found in Galaxy 4S, Apple’s leading competitor.

In addition to the Mogul feature, Apple is likely to have camera upgrades to the iPhone 5S. Sources are referring to the inclusion of a 12 or 13-megapixel rear camera iSight and improved night vision mode capability. Adding to the enhancements on video structure is the newly created A7 processor which was the latest development so far on any of Apple’s iDevices.

At this point, there have not been any announcements made from Apple on this particular feature. The release of the iOS 7 is expected to be showcased in the fall of this year, the same time that the iPhone 5S will be unveiled.

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