The Benefit of Apple from Jailbreaking iPhones

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jailbreak5-wk7Apple recently announced the launching of iOS 7 as the latest firmware update for iPhones along with other Apple devices. And along with the latest release, as well as with other previous firmware update releases, are useful and user-friendly features, option to customize, and a large collection of downloadable apps in App Store. With the latest development of iOS, this put iPhones on a more competitive form. For which comes to a certain question, is it still wise to have iPhones jailbroken, and whether jailbreaking iPhones will still benefit consumers.

Despite the fact that Apple introduced tweaks, upgrades, and new features on their latest iOS release, most were enhanced copies from the ideas of the apps, features, tweaked settings that were made when an iPhone has been jailbroken. And there are a lot of those that has been copied and modified by Apple and implemented on iDevices.

Notable system setting changes made were the option to change wallpaper and screensaver, the ability to create folders, block unwanted calls and text messages, the user-friendly configuration of system setting, tethering, that allows sharing of Internet connection, and multitasking, which allows the Apple device run apps in the background.

Not only does jailbreak help enhance the iPhone system, it also allows users to install apps which can’t be found in App Store. User experience with iPhone has never been the same with the latest development brought about by jailbreaking.

Although Apple has made a lot of improvements on the iPhone’s settings, these features were made available thru jailbreaking. Creativity-wise, jailbreaking iPhones may have brought the best out of Apple programmers, designers and developers. By jailbreaking the iPhone, one of the benefits that the entire Apple community can reap from are new features, ideas, improvements, and enhancements that always come up after a new jailbreak tool is made available.

As what Apple has done in the past, they have copied some of the tweaks and system modifications from the jailbreak innovations and apply the changes and make their own amendments on the settings, utilities, and apps for future iOS version upgrade.

While Apple continues to patch the glitches that iOS hackers propound, it only goes on a loop as a new jailbreak tool will surely be made available to dissect new Apple updates. This gives Apple users a wide variety of options to choose from. And this will definitely give way to another Apple patch that might offer the same updates as the jailbreak tweak that made better modifications. And for this cycle to stop, or at the very least slow down, is when jailbreaking an iDevice will be deemed unnecessary.

Clearly, Apple stated that jailbreaking iPhone may ‘void’ its warranty. And not all iPhone users subscribe to having their device jailbroken. But if not for jailbreak, there is no clear indication that Apple will release these worthy updates and changes they have made with the iOS they are releasing. As such, jailbreak process has become the unofficial ‘beta testing center’ for future Apple releases. This made sure that Apple will come up with new ideas and tricks to enhance their iDevices.

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