The Long Wait for the new iPhone is Finally Coming to an end!

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wk14-3As the upcoming launch for the latest iPhone model – the iPhone 5S nears, more and more iPhone enthusiasts are lining up the queue to have the first glance of Apple’s best ever iPhone to hit the market. No doubt, the suspense of waiting for the newest model has created so much buzz for quite some time now because the leaked images sprouting all over the Internet. There is no question about it – more and more people are hooked to the wonders Apple has brought to its mobile smartphones.

Lately, Android phones have been dominating the scene due to the fact that Apple has not been able to release a follow up to the iPhone 5. With the impending release of the latest iPhone model, no doubt Apple will reclaim its status as the best phone manufacturer with iPhone 5S. Although there seem to have no official announcement made thus far, the economy-friendly iPhone 5C model is also making the buzz after it was leaked that Apple will be launching on almost the same time their cheapest phone so far, with an estimated price between $360 to $500.

iPhone 5S Hardware Specifications

With more and more photos that contain the same specification leaked over the Internet about the iPhone 5S, a clearer description of what this phone will bring is taking shape. One of the most awaited features that are believed to be included on the new iPhone is the Fingerprint Reader. This is supposed to be tied with the new security feature that is connected with iOS 7, the latest operating system developed by Apple that aims to change and bring a new look, and new features not only to iPhone 5S but to other Apple devices.

It was previously leaked that the new iPhone will have increased dimensions, reportedly eyeing to have a 4.3-in screen size. But then the latest update is that the new iPhone will still have the same 4-in size but with 1136 × 640 display and a new 12-megapixel camera that includes dual LED flash. It is supposed to support a new feature that will enable iPhone users to record 1080p HD video and as well as in slow motion with its 30 frame per second rate. High Definition videos need higher storage capacity and so having a 128GB will surely be enough to compensate for it.

Bigger battery capacity complements the new battery management program that Apple developed that will help maximize phone usability. It will also carry 2GB of RAM that will complement the latest quad-core SGX 554MP4 GPU, A7chipset CPU which is rumored to be 31 percent faster and better that the previous A6 chip of iPhone 5.

One of the latest news is that iPhone 5S will have a new color. Units will be available in light gold, more of a champagne-colored. However, there seem to be a setback with this latest addition as new leaked videos and images show that it can withstand coin scraping but leave marks when subjected with a much sharper item. At any rate, Apple seems to have found a new ‘elegant’ way of showing off its new line of phone, the iPhone 5S.

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