What’s New with Apple’s new iPhone

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jailbreak5-wk9The latest news is that iPhone 5S (unofficial name, can very well be iPhone 6) will be out in the market, the same time that the iOS 7 will be unveiled come this fall. This seventh generation iPhone carries the much awaited and better hardware specs compared to the iPhone 5. And this perhaps will be the model for the new mobile operating system no less. With its new features, and redesigned user interface along with great system tweaks and a much improve browser, this new iPhone is as much awaited as the upcoming iOS 7.

This new iPhone features Super HD, ‘Touch On’ display screen panel with 10 point multi touch input, 0.5mm thick, a 4-inch ‘Retina+’ IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) display with 1080p Full HD resolution. It has been reported that the new iPhone will have a double screen resolution compared to iPhone 5 and a bezel that is extra thin. Although these features sound good, having a high resolution with the same size of display will not likely produce any better results, except if it will be shown on a bigger screen.

This new release however is a great improvement from the Retina display of iPhone 5. And with a 13MP camera, it will be at par with the latest digital camera of leading Android and other Smartphones.

With the latest camera, a buzz that a slow motion video recording feature initially tagged as Mogul, will be included as built-in function. Highly publicized for having fast and precise video capturing capabilities, there were claims that this will support for up to a frame rate of 120fps.

And having a 128 GB storage capacity will definitely give a boost in using those HD technologies. In addition, rumor has it that the new handset will have a quad-core SGX 554MP4 GPU, a 2GB of RAM, and a new and improved LTE 4G chip which Qualcomm has developed that will enhance the new iPhone’s global LTE support.

Other Technology

Although there were no confirmations yet, but based from the patents submitted, a Fingerprint Recognition Technology and Automatic Volume Control features might be included on future iPhone releases. Fingerprint Recognition Technology allows only registered owners to unlock the iPhone. It is also expected to have a 500 ppi (192 x 8 pixels) sensor that only works with actual fingerprints. Automatic volume control, on the other hand, was described to automatically tone the volume up or down depending on the distance of the iPhone from the user’s ear.

A New Wireless Technology

Talking about advanced technology, rumors has it that for the latest iPhone, Apple filed an application to patent Wireless Power Utilization focusing on wireless charging system via Near-Field Magnetic Resonance (NFMR). With this, wireless charging will be made possible. And the battery will also have a jump from 5.45Whr to 5.92Whr.

The above leaked information came from Apple insiders, although they have not directly stated that these technologies will be included on the latest iPhone release. In addition, leaked images of the new iPhone shows that the SIM card tray, the volume and power buttons is set to have bronze components. To which, gives a hint that there might be a new color grooming for the new iPhone.

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